Church History
A mission church was organized by residents of the Town of Rome in the spring of 1982. A committee formed to spearhead the effort. Zion Lutheran Church of Big Flats and Trinity Lutheran Church of Arkdale also were involved in the formation of this mission.

From 1982 until 1984, the mission began as a summer ministry, having services held until Labor Day. New seminary graduates led the worship services during those years. Worship was held mainly at the Rome Town Hall.

In October of 1984, this family of faith extended it's first call to serve the mission on a year-round part-time basis. With a new pastor, renewed effort was made to reach out opening public worship to the community.

As the Spirit moved, this faith community grew through many milestones. The congregation established an office on the upper floor of Friar Tuck's restaurant. It was also time to choose a name. In March of 1985, the mission declared that Woodland Lutheran Church was the official name that would identify this congregation. On April 14, 1985, the congregation was officially organized. On September 1,1985, its charter was signed with 69 members affixing their names.

Woodland has since steadily grown into an active and giving family that fully endeavors to follow God's call.

The worship center was constructed at 280 14th Avenue. On September 17, 1989, Woodland celebrated the dedication of its first building. The facility was expanded to provide more space for fostering faith in the community. August 26, 2001, marks its dedication.

In the years since its charter, Woodland Lutheran Church has grown and passed many milestones.

To God be the glory!!!
The Woodland Wow
Few gave us a chance.
A church back in the pines?
It went against all reason
And everything that rhymes!!

A recreation area
With most retired folks.
Now build a church addition??
You must be full of jokes!!

We pilgrims say "Impossible!!"
But God had other plans.
He dispatched to us some angels,
And there His temple stands!!

Yes - we have an angel list.
But they're averse to taking bows.
They work and don't look back
As one a straight row plows!!

New sanctuary and kitchen
New offices and teaching space.
The old space is for fellowship.
Must be living out of grace!!

The "Welcome Mat" is out,
Here in the town of Rome.
If you search and wonder,
Here you'll find a home.

The WORD, proclaimed and taught.
It's MISSION that comes first.
We PRAY for us and others.
We all hunger - we all thirst.

GOD will guard and keep us.
HE is the "Great Depender!"
JESUS is our KING.
Our friend and our defender!!

Glen Holmquist 7-25-01